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Wrinkle Relaxers, Fillers and Face Shaping  

We provide Peri-Oral (Face) Rejuvenation with natural looking cosmetic enhancement with a range of procedures and treatments.

Wrinkle relaxers and Dermal Fillers are used in the Cheeks, Lips, Chin and beside the Nose.

For wrinkle treatment patients are injected into specific muscles with Neuromodulators( wrinkle relaxers) which block the nerve impulses, inhibiting the muscle’s ability to contract.
This relaxes the muscle for a few months, during this period the skin above the muscle smoothens and the habit of contracting the muscle diminishes with repeated treatments.

The Static lines on the face are contoured with Dermal fillers which will also have to be topped up annually.


Gummy Smile reduction




Gummy Smile reduction without surgery is achieved with regular periodic treatment.



Nasio-Labial folds Correction

Deep Bunny lines beside the nose

Mouth Frown - Down-turned (drooping) corners of the mouth

When you Mouth frown, the muscles in your face tense, forming deep creases in and around your mouth and chin.
These movements are often habitual and frequently result in the formation of fixed and sometimes deep wrinkles or furrows.


Lip Lines - (Smokers Lips)


Lip Volume & Shaping

Thin and sagging lips rejuvenation









Poppy (Dimpled) Chin         


Treatment for Dimpled Chin with neuromodulators will be quite effective as seen above.
With regular periodic treatments in time, the habit of mouth frowning, Poppy Dimpled Chin may even diminish.

Before                                    After

Marniotte Lines


Facial Shaping - due to Clenching and Gritting of teeth habit
Face Shaping or sculpting is also undertaken for patients with a wide lower jaw appearance due to the involuntary muscular overactivity.

Before                                                                            After

Bruxism - Grinding of teeth is also treated by the Neuromodulators, which provides dramatic relief to the patient's acute symptoms as well as reduces the excessive muscle growth on the sides of the lower jaw due to the habit.


Jowls Correction

Wrinkle relaxer is one of the most effective wrinkle treatments available. By preventing the injected muscle from receiving the nerve signals that tell them to tense. If the wrinkle is continuously improved by repeated treatment, the overlying skin becomes less stretched and better able to resist wrinkling.