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Needle Less Injection - Latest

THE common fear of dentist’s needles might soon be history with the recent launch of a needle-free anaesthetic injection in Australia.

Woodvale Park dental uses this latest technology to bring a smile on faces of children and needle-phobic adults.

The use of needless local anaesthesia systems, iINJEX (ROSCH AG Germany) in dentistry can be of a help in treating needle phobia patients.                                         

       Needle Less Injection Perth                                      Needle Less Injection Perth


INJEX 30 is a needle free injector that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously (under the skin or mucous membrane of the mouth) without using a needle.
Needle free
Injections with the INJEX30 are “virtually” pain-free and does not lead to tissue damage on long term use.
What more can you ask for, for this value-for-money-device?

Dentists have used these for many years and often do prior to any needle being given. “They are a very effective alternative and widely (if not universally) available,

The INJEX system is a valuable alternative to a needle injections to use on children and needle phobic adult patients.