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“Dr Mody is the most skilled and calmest dentist I have ever come across. His work is TOP quality and nothing is too difficult for him. I required extensive work done on my teeth over the last year, and Dr Mody made it all seem so simple. Despite what I initially thought would be difficult tasks like root canal, crown, gum treatment, wisdom teeth removal (all 3 in one go), veneer, etc, with Dr Mody’s expertise I have had the most relaxed and wonderful dental experience while getting a mouth full of healthy teeth as the end result. Dr Mody explained everything to me with great patience and I’m always well informed of what the treatment plan is.

Since meeting Dr Mody, I now feel completely confident and at ease taking my children to him for their dental care. Dr Mody is wonderfully patient with kids and has a unique way to calm their nerves. I am always amazed by how he makes the most daunting dental tasks seem simple. I am so relieved and happy that my search for the ultimate family dentist has finally ended. To put it shortly, Dr Mody is the BEST dentist I have ever come across!

The staff at the Woodvale Park Dental are amazing too, they are always friendly and enthusiastic to assist in every way possible, making every dental visit a positive experience.



In my 81 years, I have found no better Dentist than Dr.Shahrukh Mody and the team at Woodvale Park Dental. His quality of patient care cannot be bettered and also their customer service is superb. I also must state that prices are fair, which is also important. I can promise you, that you will not be dissappointed.

Mrs. Marjorie Smart


My 10 year old son Joe's front tooth had completely snapped off on a Friday night; we called numerous after-hours numbers with no luck. When we reached Dr. Shahrukh Mody, he was travelling home, but agreed to return to his Surgery and helped treat Joe's pain. On the Monday morning his customer service staff phoned to organise a time to re-build the tooth; they had made available a spot specially for us. We are very grateful for the concern Dr. Mody showed towards our son. The treatment was not traumatic and the tooth looks excellent.

Robyn Thompson


Soo happy !!
Would just like to say a huge thank you for the very professional job on my daughters front teeth. They look amazing to say the least. Why on earth didn’t we get them done years ago, actually I know why. We had a quote for $18,000 from another local dentist incorporating braces and implants but you managed to make her look amazing for just under $3000.

Dr Mody went out of his way to see Poppy before Christmas and Linda wangled appointments to suit her work situation, we couldn’t be happier. She’s a changed person. It’s really nice to have a dentist who is such a perfectionist!

Many thanks!

Tracy Donovan


Shahrukh Mody has been our family dentist for four years. In that time we have been very impressed with every aspect of his practice. It is very reassuring to come to a dentist who has a lovely, warm chair-side manner and is good at his job. Dr Mody certainly has sound experience behind him with which he combines the latest techniques and technology.
We feel comfortable knowing that our dentist has a wealth of knowledge but also keeps current and up to date. But more than being knowledgable and skillfull, what we appreciate most about Dr Mody is his caring and friendly manner, which is so refreshing in a health provider.

Our now 12 year old daughter was simply petrified of dental work and it came time to have some serious work done. She refused to even open her mouth. Through gentle coaxing this child eventually acquiesced and just this year, now goes to the dentist without any fear. It has taken time and only because of the kind but firm approach she has received from Dr Mody and his team.

We feel confident when Dr Mody checks our teeth. Confident that his assistants are doing their job well. Confident that he will be thorough and will only recommend and perform necessary work. If we have had
any queries or questions Dr Mody takes the time to answer them and really explains things well.

The administration and reception team are highly organised and friendly. They will kindly call to follow up with our children following an extraction or to make appointments for work asked for by the orthodontist. It is nice to walk into the reception area and to be greeted with a smile and a hello, and to have them recognise and be familiar with you and your children.
We have no hesitation in recommending Dr Shahrukh Mody and his great team to you. If you want a good dentist, look no further than Woodvale Park Dental.

Annie Halse Smith, KINGSLEY


Wisdom Teeth!!
I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth out at Woodvale Park Dental. The build up to this day was absolutely dreadful, (solely because I overthought the whole process way too much), however once I arrived the staff at Woodvale Park Dental put my mind to ease and without a doubt, made my experience a lot easier and less stressful than I had anticipated. You will more than likely be dreading the events to come, however it all really comes down to whether or not you will be in good hands and I can say that I felt 100% safe throughout the whole procedure. The assistant dental nurse explained a detailed overview of the procedure to my parents and me before I was given the anaesthetic and ensured we understood what would take place. As I wasn’t completely put to sleep I was semi aware of my surroundings during the surgery and I did not feel one ounce of pain. It literally felt as though the procedure was over within five minutes.
The staff were so very kind, gentle and helpful and made my experience worthwhile.
Dr. Mody called me the day after the surgery to check up on me regarding how I was reacting to the medication and if I was experiencing any pain, which was very thoughtful and also reassured me that what I was feeling was to be expected. I had my stitches out a week later and the Dentist was extremely gentle, therefore I felt no pain whatsoever. He explained to me that I healed very well and had minimal swelling. As most of you will want to know, yes you will feel pain for the first week or so, which is to be expected but the medication and mouth rinse really works its magic. Always remember, it’s less painful to remove your wisdom teeth rather than keep them in. All in all, I have no regrets and am very thankful that I was in such great hands.

Leah Durmanich - Woodvale WA


After neglecting my teeth for several years, I was very nervous about visiting any dentist. I saw an advertisement in the Community Newspaper advertising 'Sedation Dentistry' as part of your service. As I had to have extensive work done, I thought this was the answer for me, and it was.
At my dental appointment with Dr Shahrukh Mody at Woodvale Park Dental, he gave me a treatment plan and explained the procedure in detail, answered all my queries and made me feel very comfortable.
I had most of my work done in one sitting and am very happy with the results.
I now ask myself “Why did I leave it for so long?”
Thank you, Shahrukh.

Jean Stanford


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Shahrukh Mody and his caring team at Woodvale Park Dental. They made me feel at ease in their care. I called him a 'Magician' at the completion of my last visit, for transforming my smile and getting rid of my oral issues. The Staff are so very kind and affectionate, that they drop me home after my appontments as I am unable to drive. I received excellent and professional dental service and would highly recommend this practice to my family and friends.

Noreen Mullins


I have been associated with Woodvale Park Dental since it's inception and Dr. Mody has been my Dentist for many years prior to this.
I can't speak highly enough of WPD in every other way.
Dr. Mody and his team are a great lot of people and it is a pleasure to know and deal with them.

Helen Watson


I was so lucky to have been referred to Dr Mody by my Lactation Consultant. I was a bit sceptical at first, but gained courage after reading all the fantastic reviews from mothers about how wonderful and gentle he was with their children. I found him to be very thorough in explaining the condition and procedure in details while reassuring a visible shaken me with my husband. Both my twins had the procedure so very comfortably. Their latches have really improved since the procedure, though I plan on seeing a lactation consultant to help them be more consistent with this. We are still having up and down days, but the improvement I have seen since the procedure has been remarkable.
Thank you so much Dr Mody for helping us come through one of the most troubling times I have had with these babies. You were amazing with the little ones.
I will always sing your praises

Sue McPherson
Perth CBD


The Best!!
I cannot praise Dr Mody and his lovely ladies enough; they are truly wonderful
Thank you so much for always looking after me with such understanding and kindness.

Sally Boyd